Sailing the Virgin Way

Unexpect the Expected

After sailing twice this year with Virgin Voyages and already having a third voyage booked, it isn't a stretch to say I am completely hooked.  

Military life does not generally allow my husband and I to travel together unless we are moving. In fact, most of my vacations are me traveling alone with our kids, so the opportunity to take this cruise together (and without our kids! ) was already a dream. But actually sailing with Virgin was unlike any other cruise I have experienced and it wasn't just because it was adults only. Trust me, that was a bonus, but it was just one of the many reasons I choose to sail with them over and over again.

Virgin has redefined the cruise industry by setting their own "rules" aka no rules except to have fun, relax, recognize a good pun when you see it, and respect everyone. Anyone and everyone is welcome and there is something for everyone to enjoy. Are you a Foodie? - you have world-class Michelin Star chefs onboard. You prefer to keep food traditional? - check out the Diner in the Galley. Don't want to miss your work outs? - you have sun-rise yoga to outdoor boxing, or HIIT workout, and an outdoor running track (with the best views might I add) to choose from. Those looking to relax can enjoy the Spa or treat themselves to a blow-out at the Dry Dock or a hot-lather shave (and whiskey tasting) at Stubble & Groom. The choices are truly endless and speaking from experience, one voyage will never be enough. 

Once you pop your Virgin cherry, you may never go back.

Food + Drink

Virgin Voyages says "to live well is to dine well" and you will certainly do that aboard their ships. I had expectations from other cruises and Virgin blew those "out of the water" - pun intended. They set the bar so high for food and drinks that I am not sure any one else could even compete. 

With over 20+ eateries that are a mix of refined dining or relaxed, casual options, there is something for everyone. No matter what you choose, it will be gourmet and delicious. From room service on your sea terrace, to a quick bite in the Galley, or drinking games during dinner at Gumbae every meal is an experience.

Two things you won't find onboard are buffets and large dining rooms and let me just say "I am all about it." The more intimate dining experience and service you receive will have you wondering why you may have ever enjoyed serving your own food.

During our voyages, I found myself eating even when I wasn't hungry because I wanted to try everything. I kept waiting to find something that I didn't like and after nearly 10 nights on board, I am still waiting.

I know a big concern for many people has been the absence of an "all you can drink" alcohol beverage package that other cruise lines offer. Instead of having to pay per person per day and everyone needing the same drink package - Virgin offers sailors an option to purchase a "Bar Tab" before sailing. The Bar Tab can be purchased in increments of $300 and then Virgin gives you an extra $50 for every $300 added. Frequently, they will run a promo where they will give you an extra $100 (instead of $50) for every $300 towards your Bar Tab. (even better - check out the November promo below). You can use your Bar Tab to buy drinks for yourself or anyone else you want - the only rule is it needs to be used on drinks.

With Virgin's commitment to fair pricing of drinks and no "unreasonable rules" the Bar Tab is a good value for all Sailors.  On both our voyages we used the Bar Tab and with pricing of beers at $5-$6, basic cocktails at $9, and most glasses of wine at $10, we found it all to be well within reason and we did not spend nearly as much on drinks as we thought. Plus those prices, included tips! You heard that right - all tips are included in your voyage fare with Virgin, so you won't see gratuity charges on your sailor folio at the end of the voyage.

All basic "bevys" are also included so there is no charge for filtered still and sparkling water, non-pressed juices, sodas, teas or even drip coffee. Specialty coffees, fresh pressed juices, and smoothies are an additional fee, but you can use your Bar Tab towards those as well!

Entertainment + Activities

Think about other cruise entertainment you have seen before. Now go ahead and throw that overboard because you won't find any of that on a Virgin Voyage.

On a Virgin Ship you will find transitional spaces that go from performance stages to nightclubs, secret parties and unexpected happenings, music that doesn't stop, and entertainment that will make even the "Samantha Jones" of your group blush.

The best part....the party ends when the sailors say it ends. If the Manor still has Sailors at 1AM or 3AM the party continues until they call it quits. But for those Sailors who don't want to party until sunrise, fear not, you can get plenty of beauty rest without knowing a party ever happened. You will sleep soundly in your cabin oblivious to the happenings below deck.

First-Class Service & Friendly Crew

The Crew is really the heart of these voyages.  I have never been on a ship or at a destination where I felt like every single person was happy to be working there.

The Crew goes out of their way to get to know the Sailors. They act as your friends on the ship and you will most likely even see them at after hours parties during their off hours. They make it a point to ensure you are having the best time. Not just a good time, but the BEST time. They will encourage dancing, conversation, and plenty of humor and sarcasm to go around. Sometimes you wouldn't even realize they were Crew - that's how much they make everyone feel equal and special.

The bar is set high with this Crew and it will have me sailing again and again with Virgin.

Current Offers

Book Early & Save Discount
Get rewarded with 5-10% off the voyage fare when booking at least 121 days before your sail date.

Bar Tab Bonus
For a limited time, Virgin will top you off with an extra $100 on a $300 Bar Tab

Eat & Drink Month
$300 Bar Tab per cabin included on all November sailings!

BOGO Extension
For those Sailors who book select cabins by October 4th, you can take advantage of your partner (same cabin) sailing for 50% off or just sail solo while Virgin is offering no single supplements! 

Florida Resident
Up to 30% off all Caribbean voyages within 45 days of sailing! Available now through December 31st.

Match & Sea More
If you are already in  a rewards program with another cruise line (or even select airlines), Virgin will match what they're currently offered at the time you book your Virgin Voyage.

Sail with Friends
If you book a voyage and get your friends on the same one booked through me, you'll each earn $50 in onboard credit per cabin. It works up to 16 cabins  so this bonus could earn you up to $800 in onboard credit!

Create a Circle
Sail with your friends with a minimum of 10 cabins and receive a FREE $300 Bar Tab per cabin. And yes if you choose a sailing in November 2022, then each cabin would get the Eat & Drink Month bonus and Circle bonus - that's a $600 Bar Tab FREE! Must book by September 30th.